Installing a Shower Head

Installing a Shower Head

Whether calcium and lime deposits have clogged your old shower head beyond repair or you have simply decided to upgrade to a new and improved model, replacing the shower head in your bathroom could easily be the simplest and most rewarding plumbing fix-it job you will ever do.

Step 1: With the water turned off in your shower, use one hand to hold the shower arm firmly and the other to unscrew your old shower head by turning the coupling nut above the swivel portion of the head counter clockwise. You may find it helpful to use an adjustable wrench or vise grips to facilitate the process.

Step 2: If necessary, use a green scrub pad or a chemical de-limer such as CLR to clean the threads of your shower arm. Dry the arm with a soft towel and then wrap the threads, clockwise, with one or two layers of white Teflon tape or plumber’s tape as some call it.

Step 3: Now, hand tighten your new shower head onto the shower arm. Turn it onto the Teflon coated threads until you feel some resistance. Do not over tighten or you may crack your new shower head and that would be sad.

Step 4: Turn the water on to the shower and run it for about a minute to check for any leaks. Hand tighten the shower head further if leaks appear.

Step 5: Put away your tools, dispose of your old shower head and prepare to get all wet at your earliest convenience.

Why settle for the same old shower when you can to turn your shower into a massage therapy room or a rain forest with just the turn of a knob?

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