Deck: Clean a Deck

Outdoor living areas need spring cleaning too. Now is the perfect time to give that old wooden deck an easy face lift with some good old elbow grease and a little deck cleaning solution.

Step 1: Sweep away all loose debris from your outdoor wooden deck and clear the area of any furniture or patio equipment.

Step 2: If your cleaner is not environmentally safe, water down any vegetation near your deck area and cover the plants with sheets of plastic to protect them from over spray and run off.

Step 3: Use the high pressure setting on your hose nozzle to spray down all areas to be cleaned.

Step 4: Following the manufactures directions on the package, mix the cleaning solution in a bucket of warm water.

Step 5: Using a long handle scrub brush, apply cleaning solution to a three foot square area. Scrub thoroughly, adding additional solution if needed. Continue applying solution and scrubbing in three foot square areas as you move toward the edge of the deck.

Step 6: Let the cleaning solution soak in for about 10 minutes on each section before using the high pressure setting on your hose nozzle to rinse off dirt and grime.
Once you have worked your way across and off the deck, allow the wood to dry thoroughly. Move your furniture and patio equipment back into place, pour yourself a tall one and relax on your beautiful – almost good as new – deck.

Simple Green and UGL both make environmentally friendly deck cleaning solutions. Phosphate free TSP is also a good choice for cleaning near landscaped areas.

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