Deck or Fence:Refinish a Wooden Deck or Fence

If your wooden deck or fence is over a year old and is beginning to show signs of aging, take an afternoon to refresh it with some oil or stain.

Step 1 – Thoroughly clean the deck or fence with an appropriate deck cleaner or a mixture of bleach and warm water. Pressure washing the surface will not remove mildew stains. Scrubbing with a long handled brush and an environmentally friendly cleaner works best.

Step 2 – Be sure the wood is thoroughly dry before proceeding. This could take several days, be patient.

Step 3 – Choose your product. If you like the color of your wood as is, a clear water proofing product may be the best choice for you. For a more natural look, a 50/50 mixture of linseed oil and mineral spirits will do the trick. Otherwise, Cabot’s Australian Timber Oil or a semi-transparent stain will allow you to change the color of your deck or fence to suit your taste. For distressed or previously stained decks or fences, a solid stain may be your only alternative.

Step 4 – Use a long handled paint roller with a thick nap or a tank sprayer to apply the stain or oil. Apply the product liberally to a small area at a time. You will want to apply a second coat before the first coat is dry, so working in small sections is imperative.

Step 5 – Continue to apply your stain or oil until the entire deck or fence has been covered liberally with two coats of product.

Step 6 – Let the deck dry thoroughly before walking on it or moving patio furniture back into place.

Note: Drip a drop of water onto your deck or fence. If it absorbs into the wood, it is time to apply a protective finish.

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