What to do with Dog Poop

What to do with Dog Poop-Composting

The dog days of summer are here and if you have a dog or two it might be a good time to consider a doggie waste compost pile. Adding dog or other pet waste to your regular compost pile is strongly discouraged. Composting pet waste separately is a great solution to a smelly problem. Once finished, the compost can be used on ornamental landscapes or relinquished back to the earth unceremoniously.

Step 1: Find an old plastic trash can with a lid that fits securely. The standard 33 gallon can works best. If you have smaller pets a slightly smaller can will suffice.

Step 2: Use a key hole saw or reciprocating saw to remove the bottom of the plastic can. If desired, you can also drill holes into the sides of the can for additional aeration.

Step 3: Choose an inconspicuous spot in your yard and dig a hole big enough for the trash can to fit into. Once placed into the hole, the top of the can should be slightly above ground level. You will need to be able to easily replace and remove the can lid. Feel free to get creative and paint your can lid for a personalized touch.

Step 4: Once the can is securely placed in the ground, cover the bottom of your composting hole with a layer of rocks or gravel for drainage purposes.

Step 5: Dump in a layer of pet waste and add two to three ounces of bacteria based septic tank treatment. The liquid will facilitate sewage break down and can be purchased at your local hardware store.

Step 6: Wait 48 hours for the septic starter to become fully activated and then scoop away at will. As time goes on you may want to add a little dirt to your compost to combat odor. Add additional septic starter as needed, usually once or twice a year.

Continue to add waste to your composter, keeping the lid securely in place when not in use. It takes a year for dog waste to decompose. Depending on the size and quantity of your dogs, it will take many years for the composter to fill completely. As time goes on you may choose to shovel out some finished compost and spread it around your ornamental landscaping, but to be safe, keep it away from any edible plants or fruit trees in your yard.

A backyard doggie waste compost is a great way to keep pet waste under control.

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