Dryer: Install a dryer vent heat economizer

Covert your clothes dryer into an extra source of heat by installing a dryer vent heat economizer. Once installed, the simple flip of a switch will save energy by redirecting the dryer’s warm moist exhaust air inside during the winter months.

Step 1: Choose a spot to install the Heat Economizer where the dryer’s flexible exhaust duct runs straight along a wall.

Step 2: With the dryer off, use scissors and a wire cutter to cut the dryer’s flexible duct along the straightest part of its run.

Step 3: Install the heat economizer vent mounting bracket on the wall where the flexible duct has been cut.

Step 4: Slide the Heat Economizer onto the mounting bracket. Make sure the economizer is securely fastened to the wall before proceeding.

Step 5: Slip the flexible duct over the top and bottom of the Heat Economizer. Secure each portion of duct in place with the plastic clamps supplied by the manufacturer.

Step 6: Slip the nylon filter over the open portion of the economizer.

Step 7: Turn your dryer on and flip the economizer switch to confirm everything is working properly.

If all is well the sweet smell of moist warm air should be wafting through the laundry room in no time – heating your home instead of the great outdoors.

Installing a dryer vent heat economizer can help save on energy costs during the winter months. Be sure to clean the filter regularly to maximize the benefits of the new heat source and reduce stress on your dryer.

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