Door: Shim a door hinge

Fixing a door that sticks could be as easy as turning a few screws or shimming a hinge.

Step 1: Use a screw driver to tighten all of the door hinge screws. If the door was sagging because of a loose hinge, this simple step will fix your problem.

Step 2: If the hinges still seem loose after tightening the screws, replace the loose screws on the hinge with longer ones that are the same diameter as the original screws. Using screws longer than three inches may cause additional problems. A two and one-half inch screw should do the trick.

Step 3: If the door still sticks after replacing the screws, carefully examine the door to determine where it is binding on the door jamb. If the door is sticking at the top of the door jamb you will need to work on the bottom hinge, if the door sticks at the bottom of the door jamb you will need to work on the top hinge.

Step 4: Place a door wedge, book or piece of rolled up cardboard beneath the open door to support the door while you address the hinges.

Step 5: Remove the jamb side hinge screws on the top or bottom hinge, as indicated in Step 3.

Step 6: Place a pre-fabricated door hinge shim, or a piece of chip board cut to match the hinge size, into the mortise of the door jamb. Reattach the hinge on top of the shim. Make sure to hand tighten the screws completely.

Step 7: Test the door to see if it opens and closes properly. Make adjustments if necessary.

If today is your lucky day, the door will work properly, without binding. Pick up your tools, sweep away any mess and close the door on yet another home repair project well done.

Pre-fabricated hinge shims and longer screws are two simple fixes for a door that binds.

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